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Accelerated CFI

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Thank you for expressing interest in Axiom Aviation’s Accelerated CFI Program!

Who Are We

General Information:

Axiom Aviation’s Accelerated CFI course is for pilots who already possess a valid Commercial Pilot Airplane Certificate for Single-Engine Land Airplanes. Additional ratings will be looked at in the selection process and may improve your chances of getting a seat in the class, but they are not required. The Accelerated CFI course is only offered at our Ogden location. 


Every class has a limited number of seats, making entry competitive. To better ensure a spot in the class you want, we recommend doing as much to prepare for the course as possible in advance. We select candidates based on seat availability and their preparedness level. To be best prepared for the course, we recommend that prospective candidates complete both CFI written tests before applying. It is also recommended that you complete most, if not all, of your lesson plans before attending as a part of the class will require you to practice teaching your lesson plans. 


A new class typically starts on the first Monday of every month. Although this is subject to change for various reasons. Any changes to the start date are made well in advance. 


Contact us with your name, phone number, and email to secure a seat in one of our classes. You will also need to make a $2,000 down payment to reserve your seat. Cancellations made prior to 48-hours before the class starts will be eligible for a full refund. Cancellations within that 48-hour period or no-shows will only qualify for a $1,500 refund. 



Full-time students who complete both written tests, the FOI and FIA, before starting training can expect to be done with the CFI course in roughly one month. The course is divided into four week-long segments. 


Week One:    Five days of Ground training Monday-Friday 0900-1600. 


Week Two:    Work on lesson plans and do 2-3 flights, which will include spin training. 


Week Three: Finalize lesson plans and practice teaching.


Week Four:  One or two preparatory flights and checkride. 



The cost for the program is Subject to Change. Please reach out for current pricing. No materials are provided other than online lesson content through WifiCFI. No financing options are available for this course either. Some pilots may require more than 10 flight hours to become ready for their CFI checkride.


Additional Notes:

Students looking to acquire additional CFI ratings, such as CFII and MEI, may do so through Axiom Aviation. If well-prepared, students can expect to complete the CFII course in as little as three weeks. Most students who possess a Commercial Multi Certificate can be ready for this check ride in four to five flight hours. Keep in mind that to teach out of any aircraft, a CFI must have at least five hours in said aircraft. 


Remember that seats are limited, so sign up as soon as possible and come as prepared as possible. Becoming a CFI is your responsibility. Unlike many flight schools, we are not here to hold your hand. We will give you the resources and training needed to become a CFI. But at the end of the day, it is entirely up to you to become a professional aviator. 


For additional information, check out our website. Our programs and blog pages have various helpful resources that answer many frequently asked questions. 


If you have questions not answered on our website, feel free to reach out any time at (262)297-4568 or email us at

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