call us at (262) AX-PILOT

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visit us at 4221 airport road, ogden, UT 84405

meet the fleet

vulcanair V1

a brand new fleet of Vulcanair V1

aircraft will be delivered soon!

complete with G500 avionics!

hawk XPs

like a normal cessna 172 but better!

210 horsepower (high performance)

constant speed propellers

IFR approved GPS units

piper arrow

for your single engine complex needs

retractable landing gear

constant speed propeller

IFR approved GPS

twin comanche

for your multi-engine needs

retractable landing gear

constrant speed propeller

IFR approved GPS

manual turbos

flight simulator

FAA approved

use toward your IFR and CAX licenses

log up to 50 hours

save time and money