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private credit quick-take

entry pre-requisites

step one

complete a pre-program interview with an Axiom Aviation Admission Specialist.

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step two 

secure your financing!

you can pay "out-of-pocket" or finance your flight training through one of our

banking partnerships.

step three

after securing financing you will schedule your final interview.

we will order all of your documentation and start-up materials at this point.

step four

show up on your assigned program start date!

here we will complete the check-in processes and assign your flight instructor.

on your start date, bring:

  • driver's license

  • FAA medical certificate

  • unexpired passport or birth certificate

course progression

day one

you will complete Axiom Aviation check-in paperwork, this includes:

syllabus access and training, SkyWest Airlines Pathway Sign-Up (if desired),

receiving all of your start-up materials and training on their proper use.

other days

you will train with your flight instructor: 1 lesson per day, Monday through Friday.

(each lesson is approximately 3 hours)

as you progress through training, you will complete the following:

  • Instrument Rating Course and FAA Tests

  • Commercial Pilot Course and FAA Tests

  • Fundamentals of Instruction Course and FAA Tests

  • Certified Flight Instructor Course and FAA Tests

  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Course and FAA Tests

  • Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Add On Course and FAA Tests

  • Multi-Engine Flight Instructor Course and FAA Tests


full course training will take 6 to 10 months and you will acquire 198 flight hours

and 50 flight simulator hours.

after course completion

flight instructor job position

after completing the full course described above, you will be offered a full-time flight instructor position with Axiom Aviation. this position is used to accumulate the necessary flight hours to secure a career flying position at a regional airline (such as SkyWest Airlines).

accruing flight time

as mentioned above, you will complete your flight training with approximately 297 hours total time. prior to being hired at SkyWest Airlines, you need to acquire a total time of 1500 hours. this will be done through flight instruction at the flight school.

this time accrual typically takes a full-time flight instructor 12 to 18 months after graduation.

getting hired at SkyWest Airlines

after reaching 1500 hours total time, you will interview and be hired by SkyWest Airlines as a First Officer.

training and tuition reimbursement

you will then complete airline training (3-4 months) and receive your $15,000 Tuition Reimbursement Check through our Top-Tier Partnership.

want more details?

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admission acceptance is based on flight school aircraft and instructor availability