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visit us at 4221 airport road, ogden, UT 84405

private pilot quick-take

entry pre-requisites

step one

complete a pre-program interview with an Axiom Aviation Admission Specialist.

schedule your tour or phone call here!

step two 

secure your financing!

you can pay "out-of-pocket" or finance your flight training through one of our

banking partnerships.

step three

complete our free Private Pilot Pre-Requisite Course on wifiCFI.

take all lesson modules and quizzes then submit your final interview request!

step four

once the Private Pilot Pre-Requisite Course is complete,

schedule your final interview. 

we will order all of your documentation and start-up materials at this point.

step five

show up on your assigned program start date!

here we will complete the check-in processes and assign your flight instructor.

on your start date, bring:

  • driver's license

  • FAA medical certificate

  • unexpired passport or birth certificate

course progression

day one

you will complete Axiom Aviation check-in paperwork, this includes:

syllabus access and training and it's proper use.

other days

you will train with your flight instructor: at least 3 lesson per week.

(each lesson is approximately 3 hours)

as you progress through training, you will complete the following:

  • Private Pilot Course and FAA Tests


full course training will take 2 to 3 months and you will acquire 40+ flight hours.

want more details?

schedule your personal tour/phone call

admission acceptance is based on flight school aircraft and instructor availability