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Benefits of Traditional Flight Training

Flight training is a unique training that is different for everyone. Unlike traditional schooling, flight schools do not typically have set end dates. However, some programs are offered at universities in conjunction with degrees. Even these programs do not have a guaranteed end date for flight training.

To call any flight training “traditional” is difficult; as I said before, it is different for everyone. What matters is that a pilot obtains all of the necessary flight ratings. The How, Where, and When can vary drastically from person to person. Many people earn their flight ratings in the armed services—others through a university program. Many choose to undergo training at an independent school such as Axiom Aviation. Some even do their training independently with a freelancing flight instructor (CFI).

In this article, we will specifically address the differences between attending a structured, more traditional school, like Axiom, versus undergoing training independently with a freelancing CFI.

Independent Training

A student who does their training with an independent CFI will have a different experience than those that go to a formal school like Axiom. The student will be able to earn the same ratings, although they will face some unique challenges. When working independently with a CFI, either the student or the CFI must supply a plane. This responsibility usually falls on the student. Some will buy while others rent planes for this portion. This brings us to our first challenge.

Challenge #1 Rental Planes

Renting an airplane is a common and safe training option. Students who rent a plane for their flight training will face some unique challenges. The biggest of which is plane availability. Most plane rental services only have one or two planes a student pilot may fly.

This becomes a problem when the plane is booked or goes down for maintenance, making it unavailable. This can make training take longer and force the student to postpone checkrides. This is less of a concern at a school like Axiom, with an entire fleet of airplanes. The additional aircraft give the student options when a plane is unavailable that independent contractors don’t.

Challenge #2 Limited Schedule