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Flexible Flight Schedules

Over nearly a decade, Axiom Aviation has gained a solid reputation in the Rocky Mountain region and the larger aviation industry. Several things stand out about Axiom, one of the most prominent being its flexible schedules.

While countless flight training programs across the country offer flexible schedules, ones that offer accelerated programs with financing are few and far between.

Designed around proficiency

Axiom's flight training programs revolve around its accelerated course, designed to take novice aviators and turn them into proficient professional pilots in roughly a year. All other courses are a derivative or customized version of this program.

For example, the Private Credit program is an accelerated program for those with a Private Pilot License (PPL). Another example could be if someone came to finish their commercial license already having 180 flight hours. We would put them into the accelerated course; however, they would start in the commercial phase and not need as many flight hours before completion.

Most schools that offer flight training for all ratings required to become an airline pilot will either be incredibly rigid with little wiggle room or extremely loose with limited structure. Axiom is the happy medium as it offers a structured course while remaining flexible enough for people to work full-time while in school. It also allows us to customize a course to meet a pilot's needs if they come with prior flight training.

A different Schedule

Scheduling flight training at most schools typically goes one of two ways. The first is at a more structured school where they tell students their schedules. These schools will sometimes offer limited flexibility, but at the end of the day, the school dictates when you fly.

The other is just the opposite, where the student has full say of when they fly with their CFI, presuming there is adequate availability. This is common at small schools or when a student works directly with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) without school involvement.

At Axiom Aviation, we strive to maintain the flexibility of a small flight school while retaining the efficient structure of larger schools without bringing on the high levels of bureaucracy commonly found at such organizations.

What a daily schedule looks like

When new students prepare to begin training with Axiom, they submit their availability to the school's acting Point of Contact (POC). The POC will then pair them with a CFI who has similar availability. From there, all scheduling is done directly between a CFI and their student.

The CFI makes the schedule every week. This typically involves them booking a two to three-hour flight block every day. They will also do ground together most days for one to three hours. However, this does not go on the school's schedule as it is simply an agreement between the CFI and the student.

Because scheduling is so flexible at Axiom, most students choose to work while attending school. Most attending full-time have part-time jobs. However, some students work full-time while attending school full-time.

An example of a daily schedule at Axiom goes as follows: the student works from 12:30 p.m. until 7 p.m. every day, Monday through Friday. The POC would list their availability as any time before Noon on weekdays. They would then find a CFI available in the mornings and pair them with the student. From then on, the student and CFI would meet for about four hours daily. About two will be for flying, and the others will be for ground training.

How much studying/homework can a student expect?

The amount of time a student must dedicate to studying will hinge on various factors, the most prominent being where they are in the course. However, the average time a full-time student can expect to spend studying per day is about four hours. Students are welcome to study at the school or wherever else they please.

Between the four hours per day meeting with an instructor and four hours studying, students can expect to dedicate eight hours per day towards flight school, which means that full-time students who attend five days per week can expect to put 40-50 hours per week towards flight school.

Note: Students can always put more work into studying and fly more if they choose. If someone wants to fly six or even seven days per week, they may. However, increasing the time in the air per week will also require students to increase the amount of time they spend studying per week. For every hour a student spends in the air, they should expect to spend three hours studying.

What about part-time students?

Roughly one-third of Axiom's students could be considered part-time. Any student who is not attending full-time is considered part-time. The schedules work similarly for these students; they just meet fewer days per week. These students can meet with their CFI as few as two times per week if they choose.

Note: While part-time students may fly as few as twice weekly, they should keep in mind that the less they fly, the longer flight training will take.

Do you have any questions about flight schedules at Axiom? Or the length of flight training? Give us a call or shoot us a text at 262-297-4568. Or email us at

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