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Axiom Aviation Skywest Partnership

Axiom Aviation Flight School is a top-tier partner with SkyWest Airline's cadet program. Students that attend Axiom Aviation will be enrolled in this program which allows students to begin building seniority at the airline, which will later translate to more say in the pilot's lifestyle at the airline.

SkyWest Airlines Pilot Pathway Program

On the first day of flight training at Axiom, pilots will receive a SkyWest employee number and seniority date. Meaning that the date they begin flight training will be the date SkyWest considers them a crew member, allowing them to gain two years of seniority before going to SkyWest. Any student pilot may sign up for the cadet program in the US, but Axiom students have a significant advantage over those at other flight schools.

Here at Axiom, students will regularly interact with experienced SkyWest pilots as it hosts monthly seminars where students will receive guidance and can ask questions freely. Every student will be assigned a SkyWest mentor to help them along their journey to becoming an airline pilot. All Axiom students will be guaranteed an interview with SkyWest once they have built the required flight hours.

Aviation Legacy

SkyWest is a regional carrier that operates short to medium-haul flights for several major airlines. These airlines include Delta, American, United, and Alaska. It has been in service for over 50 years and has built an impeccable legacy. Today it operates over 2,000 flights per day.

Pilots at SkyWest are guaranteed interviews at United, Delta, Southwest, and Alaska. This gives SkyWest pilots opportunities to get to the majors quicker than any other regional airline. Many pilots choose to stay at SkyWest due to the fantastic atmosphere and quality of life.

Offering some of the best domiciles of any airline in the nation is just one unique quality-of-life benefit that attracts pilots. SkyWest offers more domiciles than most major and regional carriers. With 19 domiciles spread across the US, SkyWest offers a domicile to fit every pilot and lifestyle.

Pilot Pay Increase

Regional airlines traditionally pay pilots the least in the industry. Recently SkyWest doubled pay for all pilots. New First Officers hired at SkyWest will be paid $90 per flight hour. Pilots who stay with the airline for their careers can now expect to make $216 per flight hour as experienced captains. This pay is still lower than that of the major airlines; however, it is on par with pay at many national carriers.

In addition to the increase in pay, Axiom students who apply may be eligible to receive financial aid to help pay for flight training.

Want to learn more about Axiom Aviation's partnership with SkyWest? Give us a call at (262) Fly-Axiom, or email us at

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