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Airline Pilot Pay Has Reached Record Highs

Aspiring pilots will be pleased to know that airlines have increased pilot pay dramatically. Those looking into becoming career airline pilots now have better income and lifestyle options than ever. As the current pilot shortage continues to grow, the worth of pilots is more apparent now than at any other time in history.

Golden Age of Aviation

The post-World War II era has been commonly regarded as the golden age of aviation. Military and civilian aircraft technology saw enormous improvement allowing the industry to skyrocket. The job of an airline pilot became highly lucrative as air transit was at an all-time high.

While this was an incredible time for the industry, it pales in comparison to the aviation industry in 2022. Since the Cold War, aviation has seen continued improvement, albeit at a slower scale than it did during the "Golden Age." What has improved is safety, pay, lifestyle, and job opportunities.

Pilot Shortage