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Finishing Ratings at Axiom Aviation

In 2021, airlines across the US began hiring pilots at record rates due to the newfound pilot shortage. Amid the shortage, airlines have been forced to increase pay and benefits as they compete with their peers for a limited pool of skilled professionals.

Announcements of rapid hiring and increased compensation have swelled enrollment numbers at flight schools nationwide. Many flight schools have taken advantage of this rise in demand and have focused solely on working with students who are coming with no flight experience. Working with these students is simple, and they can be through an accelerated program that turns out pilots quickly and efficiently, maximizing the school’s profits.

While Axiom Aviation does have an accelerated program designed to help students starting at zero hours become professional airline pilots, it also offers training options for anyone looking to undergo flight training regardless of their goals and schedules.

A different focus

All of us here at Axiom Aviation are focused on flying. Where many schools focus primarily on getting students through efficiently to turn the highest profit possible, Axiom focuses on making good, safe pilots with good piloting abilities and judgment skills. This does not mean we do not make money, but it is not our primary focus, as everything we do revolves around training great pilots.

Adapting to your needs

With such a high focus on maximizing profits, many flight schools turn away students who have undergone flight training elsewhere and need to finish specific ratings. Here at Axiom, we understand the requirements set forth by the FAA and are willing and able to adjust our training program to help every student reach their goals.

While our program is based on our accelerated course, we understand that many pilots have already met various requirements. We make sure to give these students the training they need without making them pay for additional training they have already undergone.

For example, if someone obtained their Private Pilot License at 50 flight hours and built 50 more hours, we would adjust their training. This way, they do not need to spend the time and money required to obtain 50 more hours to obtain their Instrument rating. This helps them save time and money while continuing their journey towards becoming a professional pilot.

Flexible Schedule

At Axiom Aviation, we understand that not everyone can take a year off work to attend flight school. Because of this, we offer flexible schedules to our students, as all training is one-on-one with a flight instructor. This means that you can undergo full-time or part-time training, regardless of your work schedule, allowing countless individuals to continue flight training and earn additional ratings.

Are you interested in procuring additional ratings? Give us a call or shoot us a text at 262-AX-PILOT. Or email us at


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