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Why Start Flight Training in 2024?

Every year countless Americans look into flight training. Whether they are looking to make a career in aviation or just pursue it as a hobby, the result of these inquiries is almost always the same. Most inquiring parties choose not to pursue their dreams for one reason or another with many choosing to put it off year after year. 

However, there is another segment of this population that decides to follow through and pursue their dreams. While there are countless reasons people decide not to pursue aviation, those who do almost always share a universal passion and desire for flight. 

To those who are looking into flight training and are ready to pursue their dreams, this article will break down two of the biggest reasons that you should begin flight training now instead of putting it off.

The Barrier to Entry is Growing

It is no small secret that inflation has been uncomfortably high over the past couple of years. Despite various efforts to reduce inflation the value of the US Dollar continues to decline at a less-than-ideal pace. Meaning that consumer goods continue to rise in cost, leaving flight training with an ever-growing price tag. 

Many flight schools such as Axiom Aviation do their best to keep rates reasonable while remaining profitable and giving quality instruction. Year after year this feat becomes more challenging. As prices rise, the barrier to entry grows considerably decreasing the number of people who can afford to self-fund their flight training while making the cost of financing harder to stomach.

The sooner a prospective aviator begins training, the less they will pay making this one of the biggest reasons to start flight training ASAP. 

Optimum Market for Pilots

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the airlines found themselves in a massive pilot shortage as many had retired early and demand for air travel was nearing all-time highs. This led to airlines increasing incentives for new pilots which primarily included increases in pay and quality of life

As of the time of this writing most regional and major airlines are still hiring at a steady pace. It is anticipated that airlines will be hiring at current rates for roughly the next 3 to 4 years. By the end of the decade, it is believed that airlines will slow their hiring pace to pre-pandemic levels. This does not mean that they will not be hiring new pilots, it simply means that they will hire periodically in batches as they have in years prior to the pandemic.

With great pay, great benefits, and countless job opportunities the best time to get started with flight training is today.

Time Waits for No One, So Why Wait For It?

As someone who frequently interacts with parties interested in flight training, I have seen countless individuals of various backgrounds choose to pursue their dreams and become pilots no matter the obstacles. However, for every determined individual I find, I encounter half a dozen that produce more excuses than results. 

Flight training is not easy and it is no small commitment. It takes a hefty sum of money and an enormous amount of time to go from zero hours to working as a professional pilot. The fears and concerns presented by many inquiring individuals are valid, however, nearly every professional pilot out there had many of the same obstacles to hurdle. They are living proof that you can overcome these obstacles and live your dream. 

One of the most common excuses I hear from those who have been or want to postpone flight training is that they are waiting for something. Waiting to get a new job, waiting to finish school, waiting to get married, etc… While we all have our priorities we should not let our lives be dictated by external factors. No one becomes a pilot by waiting. If this is your dream, you must act upon it because it will never act upon you. 

Do not mistake my previous statement, I am not saying to push other important things aside such as work and family, but it is imperative that if flight training is your goal you make it a priority and take charge of your future. 

One of the most common questions I am asked is if I have any advice for aspiring pilots. My answer has always been “Get started”. Flight training is getting more expensive, it is getting harder, and the market has never been better. 

Getting started can look different for different people. For some, it may be enrolling in a full training program such as Axiom’s Zero to Hero program. For others, it may mean working on their Private Pilot License part-time after work or school. The point is, whatever you choose to do, get going, and get going fast. 

Remember that time waits for no one, so why would you wait for it? 

Interested in learning more about flight training? Give us a call at (262)AX-Pilot. Or shoot us an email at 


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