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What Axiom Aviation Flight School has to offer aspiring pilots

Axiom Aviation Flight School is the premier flight school in Utah. With two locations, one at the Ogden Hinckley Airport (KOGD) and the other at the St. George Regional Airport (KSGU). The school was founded on principles of transparency and safety. The founders laid the mortar on which this world-class flight school was erected. The school offers programs for aspiring airline pilots and anyone seeking a Private Pilot's License (PPL).

Programs offered

The flight school offers four training programs. The first is the Zero to Hero Program. This program takes students with little to no flight training and gives them the knowledge, skills, and ratings needed to become an airline pilot. This program is offered at both the St.George and Ogden locations. Students can expect to complete this program in under a year if they attend full-time. Meaning they attend school five times per week. To learn more about the Zero to Hero Program, click here.

Axiom Aviation also offers flight training for students who already have a PPL and are looking to earn the remaining ratings needed to prepare them for the airlines. This program can be completed in under eight months. To learn more about the Private Credit Program, click here.

For those looking to obtain a PPL, the school offers a program for this as well. In under three months, dedicated students may earn their wings and fulfill their dream of becoming a pilot. To learn more about the Private Pilot Program, click here.

Axiom Aviation also offers a unique Accelerated Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Program. This program prepares commercial pilots to become some of the best instructors in the industry. It is available to both pre-existing Axiom students and those from other schools. This offering makes Axiom Aviation one of the only flight schools in Utah to offer a CFI program to outside students. This course may be completed in under a month. To learn more about the Accelerated CFI course, click here.

For students in unique situations, Axiom offers the ability to tailor training around a student's specific requirements.

Meet the fleet

Axiom has one of the most capable fleets of any flight school in Utah. The fleet primarily consists of Cessna 172-K XP airplanes. These Cessna's are similar to what other flight schools in the region fly. The primary difference is that the XP's are equipped with High Performance 210 HorsePower engines. These enhanced engines give the 172 Skyhawk added performance that is critical in the summer months for high-altitude mountain flying. Just take a look at any civilian airfield in Utah, and you will notice Axiom's planes outperforming other flight school fleets time and time again.

The school also has a state-of-the-art Vulcanair V1. Primarily based out of the school's St. George location, the V1 offers a next-level flight experience with a glass cockpit display and advanced safety warning features.

The school uses a Piper Twin-Commanche for its multi-engine training. The twin-engine aircraft provides vital training for anyone looking to become an airline pilot. Learn more about the best trainer fleet in Utah here.

Final thoughts

Axiom Aviation Flight School provides a world-class experience for anyone looking to acquire flight training in Utah. Locations at both ends of the state provide easy access for anyone with the courage to follow their dreams. The professional CFIs at the schools do everything they can to give the students the best learning experience possible while they attend Axiom. All programs include access to the school's first-class ground school, WifiCFI.

Regardless of how much or little flight training you may have, feel free to contact us about starting or continuing a memorable path through the skies.

To schedule a school tour or an intro flight, email us at

Call or text 1 (262) 297-4568 any time with whatever questions you may have.

You can also walk in anytime to speak with a representative.

The Ogden location's address is 4221 Airport Rd, Ogden, UT 84405.

The St. George location is found at 4196 S. Airport Parkway, St. George, UT 84790

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