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Axiom Aviation’s St George Location

Flight School in St George

Situated between picture-perfect red rock mountains and the snow-capped Rockies rests Axiom Aviation at St George Airport (SGU). At the SGU location, all students receive the same training as they would at the Ogden-Hinckley Airport (OGD) location. The same financing options and even the lucrative SkyWest partnership are available to all Axiom students. Students that attend any Axiom location can select to attend full-time and finance their training or attend on a part-time basis and pay out of pocket (students can also attend full-time out of pocket). SGU Axiom offers everything a student needs to become an airline pilot, including a guaranteed position as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) upon completing the entire training course.

The Fleet and Facilities

Axiom Aviation’s training center is located in a spacious office within Above View, an FBO at SGU. The training center includes various offices used for instruction, along with a simulator room. Inside the simulator room is a new FAA-certified flight simulator mainly used during training for the Instrument Rating.

The SGU base has one Vulcanair V1 aircraft assigned to it. This Vulcanair V1 is similar to a Cessna 172. Some of its unique features include a constant-speed propeller and a full glass cockpit. The airplane uses the Garmin G500 series avionics system designed to give students an advanced flight training experience that will prepare them to fly the aircraft of the future at the airlines.

Axiom Aviation Also sports a fleet of Cessna 172 XPs. These are all assigned to the OGD location. However, they are flown down to St George occasionally, ensuring that even when the Vulcanair is in maintenance, the SGU students have an airplane to fly. By flying these 172s, the students at SGU receive training on operating high-performance aircraft and receive a high-performance endorsement. They also get to learn how to use the traditional six-pack avionics system. This helps them learn to fly a larger variety of airplanes.

Axiom Aviation is also looking to acquire additional aircraft for both locations in the coming months enabling it to continuously grow its operational capacity.

The Backstory

Axiom Aviation Flight School began in Ogden, Utah, at OGD in 2015. After several successful years, the owners looked toward expanding the operation. At the time, business was booming, and not enough spots were available for every student who wanted to attend Axiom. At first, the owners considered acquiring additional real estate at OGD to expand the Ogden location. This seemed like the most logical solution, so they went ahead and acquired a second hangar. While this enabled the school to acquire more aircraft, instructors, and students, it was not enough to meet the demand from prospective students.

The next step seemed obvious, acquire more real estate at OGD. While the owners were hangar shopping, it occurred to one of them that perhaps it was time to expand to another airfield. With this thought in mind, they remembered that many of their students had moved from other areas to attend flight training at Axiom. So the hunt for Axiom’s second home was on.

The owners researched airfields across the Rocky Mountains, looking for what airport made the most sense to open a second location. While many were considered, SGU was always the clear answer. It was a sizable and busy airfield that would give students good flight experience. It also had very few flight training options and none that offered financing. After consulting with the instructors and the market, the owners chose to open a flight school at SGU.

Feel free to call or text us with questions concerning flight training at (262)297-4568. Or email us at

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