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Axiom Aviation's Story

In 2015 Axiom Aviation was started by two pilots who had the idea to build a flight school tailored to help aspiring pilots reach their goals in the safest yet most cost-effective way possible. Both pilots had been through flight training programs that gave them everything they needed to become airline pilots. However, these programs were lacking because they were filled with hidden fees and were designed to milk students for money. Nonetheless, they finished flight training and became Certified Flight Instructors (CFI).

After years of instructing at the school they attended, these now CFI's went their separate ways: one went to fly for SkyWest Airlines and the other to become a career CFI. The founders reunited a few years later to form their own flight school. The founder that went to the airline found that he missed flight instructing and longed to return to his former profession. The other founder, who remained a CFI, worked at various flight schools as a Chief CFI. During this time, he found that there was no honest flight school anywhere in Utah that offered safe, cost-effective, financed flight training to students who were not in a university program. One day the career CFI reached out to his airline pilot friend and suggested they start a flight school together. One that would be done right with no hidden fees or backroom deals. Together, Jason Child and Nate Hodell started Axiom Aviation.

Start of a Legacy

With one airplane and a hangar, the two started the school in the summer of 2015; like most new start-ups, business was initially slow. The founders were the only instructors and had only a handful of students. However, as the months passed, more students signed up, and more planes were acquired. Within a few years, the school's ground school WifiCFI was completed. The school presented the program to SkyWest Airlines, who was very impressed. The airline was so impressed by the ground school and the school's flight training that it chose to make Axiom Aviation one of only three top-tier flight school partners.

Once this partnership was secured, the school secured financing for its students through Meritize. Today the school offers out-of-pocket payment and financing options and has for the bulk of its existence. The school continues to run off principles of integrity. With Axiom, there are no hidden fees and no sugarcoating. While they may not say it directly, many flight schools' goals revolve around milking students for money. Here at Axiom, our goals are clear and transparent. We want to help others like ourselves fulfill their dreams of becoming pilots. While we do make money and desire to continue doing so, that is not our focus on a day-to-day basis.

Not Just a Number

Many schools focus on teaching students how to pass a checkride so they can collect money as quickly as possible. At Axiom, our focus is on teaching students to become good safe pilots before we teach them to pass a checkride. We get students done in the same amount of flight hours as other schools. However, the difference is that we care about our students becoming safe and successful aviators. No student is a number at Axiom, as every student is known by name.

Axiom Aviation is not the largest nor the oldest flight school in Utah, but if you want to attend a school with an excellent track record that is open and transparent about everything that also cares about you and your dreams, then come check us out.

Give us a call, or shoot us a text anytime to set up a tour or intro flight at (262)297-4568. Or email us with any questions at

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